You can hardly open a newspaper or turn on the TV without seeing an article or program on the Church of Scientology. These web sites will show you why. Scientologists improve communities, help kids stay off drugs and assist in disasters. Scientology can help you improve relationships and gain more self-confidence, self-esteem and spiritual awareness.

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Over 20,000 pages covering all aspects of the Scientology religion, its practices and beliefs. Watch video presentations, take virtual tours of churches, hear audio lectures by L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology, meet Scientologists from around the world.

What is Scientology?
Why do so many different kinds of people look into Scientology and like what they see? What are Scientologists like? Why are Scientologists 100% drug free? How does Scientology help with stress, drug dependency, relationships, communication, and self-esteem? How does it increase awareness and spiritual freedom? What is your true spiritual nature? Find out for yourself with the online book, WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY?

Scientology Auditing
If you have ever wondered if there is more you can get out of life, the answer is YES. Scientology "auditing" is a unique form of spiritual counseling to help you discover and handle any barriers to happiness, understanding and living the life you want to live.

Scientology Training
Technology lets us communicate with anyone anywhere in a split second on the Internet; so why can't it help us handle the stress, confusion, broken relationships and violence of modern life? It can! Scientology is a technology of life, and you can learn it, use it and handle any aspect of your life with confidence.

Scientology: Religion
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees freedom of religion to all men, but what is religion? Why is it a vital part of life? What are the religious principles and practices of Scientology? Why do religious scholars from around the world agree that Scientology is a religion?
or view the PDF version of Scientology: Theology and Practice of a Contemporary Religion

Scientology Resources

L. Ron Hubbard Home Page
Tens of millions of people are better because of L. Ron Hubbard's work in philosophy, education, drug rehabilitation and ethics. But he was also an explorer, artist, famous writer and humanitarian. Learn about his adventures, read his own letters, listen to him talk on relationships, spirituality and the mind, take a virtual tour of the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition in Hollywood.

L. Ron Hubbard: The Founder of Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard's illustrated biography, showing how he researched the mind and life to discover why there is so much human suffering and misery, and to eradicate war, insanity and unhappiness.

Additional Information on L. Ron Hubbard:
L. Ron Hubbard in East Grinstead
L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology
L. Ron Hubbard a Biography
L. Ron Hubbard, The Poet/Lyricist
L. Ron Hubbard
Author Services Inc. Representing the Master Works of L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology in Europe: Spain, Italy, France, Germany, etc.
With the tremendous expansion of Scientology throughout Europe, this web site was created to provide news and information on Scientology in Italian, Spanish, German and French.
Scientology Italiano | Scientology Deutsch | Scientologie Français | Scientology Español

Scientology Spain, Legal Victories
Scientology in Spain is experiencing unprecedented growth, following the vindication of its religious ministry and social betterment programs by the Madrid Provincial Court.

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Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International
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Scientology Church Structure
Church of Scientology Tampa, Florida
Church of Scientology of Toronto, Canada


If you could discover the truth about life and the mind you would not only understand your true spiritual nature, you could also help your friends, associates, family and community. Scientology has practical tools you can use right away to improve life.

How Can Scientology Help Me With...?
Simple tools one can use immediately to help such things as improving relationships, getting your career on track, working out and accomplishing goals, helping family and children, handling drug dependency, and gaining greater self-esteem. These and other vital Know-How are covered in the Scientology Handbook

Freewinds Tradition of Community Outreach
L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion said, “Save the child and you save the nation” and the Freewinds takes this to heart, inviting numerous civic organizations and youth clubs to use the ship's facilities free of charge for fundraising events.


Church of Scientology News
Learn how Scientologists help their communities combat drugs, illiteracy and crime and help victims of war human rights and religious freedom anywhere it exists.

Scientology, Those Who Oppose
Millions of people all over the world attest that their lives are better because of Scientology, so why is there controversy about this new religion? If it works so well, who would oppose it? Here is fascinating information showing why the Church of Scientology has come under attack.

How Religious Experts View the Church of Scientology
Why has the Church of Scientology had such acceptance internationally as a religion? These papers by religious scholars from around the world explain why, and why Scientology has been recognized as a religion in so many countries.

Scientology: Religious Freedom Alert: France
For the latest news on religious intolerance in France and what Scientologists and other human rights activists are doing to make France live up to the International and European standards of religious liberty.

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Times Must Change: Article by L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard: Solutions for a Better World
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Scientology Effective Solutions

Scientology Drug Education - Saving Lives From Drugs

Scientology - Advancing Literacy and Education

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Bringing Effective Help to the Community
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Scientology - Teaching Honesty and Self-Respect for Happiness and a Bright Future

Scientology Effective Solutions - Making Human Rights a Reality

Scientology Effective Solutions - Freedom of Information Act

Defending Religious Freedom - Scientology Effective Solutions

Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest - Scientology Effective Solutions


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