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A provincial court dismissed charges against all defendants in a case involving the church of Scientology in Spain that dates back to 1984. This legal decision vindicates the religious ministry and social betterment programs of Scientology in Spain.

“Democracy won in Spain” said Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International. “It took 14 years to throw off the yoke of injustice, but now the new era of Spain that recognizes religious plurality has triumphed over the oppression of the old guard. This is a total victory for the Church of Scientology, and it is also a victory for all people of Spain to freely practice their religion, whatever it may be.”

But the real news about Scientology applied religious philosophy is how much it helps people.

As in other parts of Europe, and around the world, missions and churches of Scientology in Spain and their parishioners are active in drug prevention and rehabilitation and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Spain help their friends, families and communities recover from stress, rebuild relationships, and achieve more success in life. The two Scientology churches in Spain, located in Madrid and Barcelona, and missions of the church of Scientology in other cities, invite you to learn how Scientology can help you.

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Get help or advice from a member of a church of Scientology. They are happy to help, and will direct you to the Scientology book or service best for your situation.

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